28 April 2022

Aircraft obstruction lights – NEW Rules enter into force on 2025-12-31

The Swedish Transport Agency regulation TSFS 2020:88 shall be fulfilled by 2025-12-31.

This regulation came into force on January 1, 2021, which means that objects, flight obstacles that have been set up before this regulation, TSFS 2020:88, came into force and which have been marked in accordance with older regulations or special decisions from the Swedish Transport Agency or its predecessor, may until December 31, 2025 be marked according to older regulations or decisions. If an older marking no longer serves its purpose and needs to be replaced, this Regulation shall apply.

What does this mean in general for owners of a flight obstacle?
All obstacle lights with LED technology installed before 2017 are most likely to have no IR (Infra Red) so these must be replaced. Applies to Low Intensity, Medium Intensity and High Intensity Obstruction Lights.

Who is responsible for ensuring that the markings/obstruction lights comply with current regulations?
All obstacle lights are a safety feature and shall be secured for operation. The operator or owner of the obstacle is responsible for ensuring compliance with the applicable regulations.

What must be met?
All active obstruction lights shall also emit IR ~850 nm (Infra-Red).
Medium and high intensity obstacle lights shall be monitored in real time.
Medium Intensity Obstruction Lights shall be Flashing 20 – 60bpm with
brightness 2000cd Day, Dusk, Night.
Medium and high intensity obstruction lights shall be synchronized with
the flashing lights of nearby objects.

Further recommendations?
Where there is a risk of frost formation / icing, it is recommended that the obstacle lights have an automatic de-icing function in accordance with the applicable regulation TSFS 2020:88.


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