As a component supplier in food technology, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality products and solutions that support the needs of the food industry. Our goal is to deliver reliable and innovative components that enable efficiency, sustainability and safety in food production.

We understand the importance of meeting high quality standards and food safety requirements. Our components are carefully selected and manufactured to strict industry standards to ensure they meet and exceed your expectations. We also work closely with our customers to understand their specific needs and offer tailored solutions that suit their business.

Our range of components in food technology includes, among other things:
– Stainless steel enclosures, carefully designed and constructed to meet the demanding needs of foodtech and industry. With outstanding durability, hygienic properties and unmatched functionality, our cabinets are the perfect solution for businesses that need reliable storage and organization.
– Warning lights and warning sounds that have been developed and certified especially for use in clean rooms, food and hygiene areas and the pharmaceutical industry.
– Cable glands, Pressure equalization valves for industrial, EMC, Ex or hygienic applications and cable entry frames with industry-specific approvals.

We are proud to be a reliable partner for the food industry and always strive to offer the best solutions for our customers’ needs. Whether you need individual components or an integrated solution, you can rely on us to deliver high-quality products and outstanding service in food technology.

Product manager