30 March 2020

DC Contactor for battery applications

C310 a new series of contactors for DC applications up to 1500V DC. DC 1500V and 500 A in both directions. Arc elimination technology is based on innovative design and permanent magnets. Capable of continuous thermal current of 150, 300 or 500A, regardless of current direction.

With high on/off capacity, cross-connection current and good shock and vibration characteristics as well as air-based arc elimination, Schaltbau offers a reliable alternative to conventional gas-filled contactors with the C310 series. Low energy consumption of the standard unit, also available as a bistable variant with zero consumption in the end positions.

Schaltbau has been developing and manufacturing DC contactors for trains and industrial applications since the 1950s, with the C310 being the latest addition for safe arc elimination.

For DC applications such as, battery and photovoltaic systems, energy storage, inverters, electric and battery powered vehicles. Approved according to EN 60947-4-1 and shock and vibration according to ISO 16750-1. UL60947 and IEC 60947.