4 April 2020

DC/DC Converters for Electric vehicle applications

PMDS200-FT series – generates a precise system voltage for electric vehicles.

  • Power: 200 W
  • Input range: 33.6 to 96.0 VDC
  • Output voltage: 12 VDC or 24 VDC
  • Passes high shock and vibration requirements
  • Wide range of connectors for your specific needs

The PMDS200-FT has a wide input range designed for nominal input voltages of 48 V and 80 V. The built-in input filter protects against transients typical of mobile electrical systems. Output voltage 12 V or 24 V as standard. Other tensions, such as charging voltages for batteries can be realized on request.

The low Ripple & Noise values combined with a precise output voltage ensure reliable operation of all connected loads. Other crucial features are short circuit and transient protection; isolation of 1.18 kVAC between primary and secondary and a wide temperature range -35 … 70°C (85°C on request). Dimensions are 145 x 115 x 38 mm.

The thermal concept of these vacuum encapsulated DC/DC converters provides an optimal heat dissipation as heat emitting components, e.g. semiconductors are thermally coupled to the base plate. The patented vacuum encapsulation provides a very robust unit that can be installed on vehicles without suspension or air-filled tires and can withstand extensive shock and vibration requirements. The unit is supplied as standard with free ends but suitable connectors can be fitted on request. The devices are CE compliant and prepared for protection class 2.