What is the FEP?


FEP – Fluoroethylene propylene
This material belongs to the meltable fluoroplastics and can be extruded. It has a higher coefficient of friction and a lower permanent operating temperature than PTFE. The FEP offers the following features:

– excellent temperature resistance
– deep temperature flexibility
– very good resistance to oils and chemicals
– good electrical insulation properties with almost frequency-independent dielectric properties
– operating temperature from approx. -90°C up to +180°C

Exemplary applications of FEP cables
FEP: for shipbuilding e.g. in the engine room of ships or as a connecting cable for engine control, high-frequency and broadband technology as well as telecommunication technology, coaxial and microwave technology. High data rate along with precise information transfer, chemical industry, furnace construction, brickworks, heating devices, …

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