• Can INKOM offer customized assembly?

    Yes, we at INKOM have our own assembly department that does customized final assembly, etc.

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  • Door magnets replacing Elomek 711 and 712?

    Yes, E6300011 can replace both 711 and 712 from Elomek. E630011 is approved according to EN1155.

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  • Is there a risk of remanence problems with door magnets?

    INKOM’s door magnets have an integrated center pin with push-off spring that prevents the door from staying in the upright...

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  • What is 100% ED for electromagnet/solenoid?

    Standard is 100% coil i.e. can be continuously connected without overheating. For example, the same Solenoid with 50% coil gives...

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  • What is a permanent electromagnet?

    A permanent electromagnet holds continuously without current and releases when the current is switched on, i.e. the opposite of an...

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  • What is an electromagnet?

    An electromagnet is magnetic when current is applied and releases when de-energized, examples of breathing areas are door magnets and...

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  • What is the difference between ATEX and IECEx?

    ATEX and IECEx are regulations to protect human health and safety against the risks that may arise from the use...

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  • Why is it important to consider remanence/residual magnetism when choosing door magnets?

    INKOM door magnets have anti-remanence stick with spring which creates an air gap when voltage to magnet is off. Air...

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