Industrikomponenter AB, INKOM has a wide range of electromechanical components. We have accumulated a lot of knowledge in this field over the years and are happy to share it with you. Below you will find a collection of some common questions we receive.

  • Are customised industrial fans available?

    We can specifically customize the fans considering media temperature, pressure class, material, control, etc. We also assist in making calculations...

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  • Can INKOM offer customized assembly?

    Yes, we at INKOM have our own assembly department that does customized final assembly, etc.

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  • Can Victron Skylla-TG be used as a power supply ?

    Yes, because of the perfectly stabilized output voltage, a TG charger can be used as a power generator when batteries...

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  • Do I need a BMS battery monitor for Victron Superpack batteries?

    No. The Superpack contains all the necessary monitoring and requires no additional components.

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  • Do I need to change the battery charger when switching from lead-acid battery to Lithium battery?

    Yes, unless your old charger can charge LiFePO4 batteries. The charge cycle for lead-acid and LiFePO4 is different. Check the...

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  • How many machines can be connected to each WERMA SmartMONITOR license?

    It is possible to connect 50 machines or manual workstations to one license.

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  • In which materials are Bernstein safety switches made?

    Steel, Cast Aluminum and Thermoplastic. Here is the full range of Bernstein’s products at INKOM.

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  • Is the cable dispenser delivered mounted to the rotary sensor?

    The cable dispenser is mounted according to standard, see drawing, when ordering sensors. Specific mounting is possible.

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  • What does train approved DC/DC converter mean?

    Designating a product as rail-approved means that the product has been tested according to all relevant standards for rail vehicles....

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  • What is 100% ED for electromagnet/solenoid?

    Standard is 100% coil i.e. can be continuously connected without overheating. For example, the same Solenoid with 50% coil gives...

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  • What is a permanent electromagnet?

    A permanent electromagnet holds continuously without current and releases when the current is switched on, i.e. the opposite of an...

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  • What is the difference between ATEX and IECEx?

    ATEX and IECEx are regulations to protect human health and safety against the risks that may arise from the use...

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