1 November 2023

News! Euro-Top FrontFix cable gland

The Euro-Top FrontFix cable gland from RST offers a unique cable gland concept, which avoids the conventional thread and lock nut connection. The specially designed snap-in mechanism makes installation very easy. FrontFix can be installed with one hand in just 6 seconds. Mounting is only on the outside of the enclosure. FrontFix can also be fitted with a socket in no time.

  • FrontFix can be used flexibly with wall thicknesses between 0.5 mm and 4.0 mm.
  • The requirements of commercially available cable glands are fully met in terms of strain relief and protection class (IP66, IP68).
  • FrontFix can be easily disassembled and even reused.
  • A spring element stabilizes the cable gland immediately after engaging the through-hole and prevents the cable gland from twisting during installation. This gives the FrontFix cable gland an additional advantage, especially in applications in confined spaces.
  • FrontFix is available in both plastic and nickel-plated brass, in sizes between M16 and M40.



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