Compact Line – Spring-applied brake compact design

Compact Line – spring-applied brake with a compact design and easy installation.

The Compact Line includes spring-applied single-disc brakes that can be mounted as complete units on the engine with very little assembly work. The compact design is an advantage when limited space makes installation difficult. Electromagnetically operated spring-applied brakes build up braking torque when the power is switched off.

Operating principle

The spring-applied single-disc brake is designed to operate dry. The force generated by an electromagnetic field is used to overcome the braking effect generated by the spring force. The spring-applied single-disc brake engages in the de-energized state and releases when DC voltage is applied. The form fit between the friction disk and the hub and the connection of the hub to the machine shaft (e.g. motor shaft) ensures that the torque generated by the spring-applied single disk brake (brake torque) is reliably transmitted to the machine (motor).

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