EEX Line explosion-proof single-disc brakes

EEX Line – Single disc brake – explosion and flameproof

The EEX series includes spring-applied single-disc brakes with explosion protection for hazardous areas. The spring pressure brake with fire moisture protection is suitable for underground shafts with a risk of fire moisture. In spring-applied brakes with explosion protection, the parts that can ignite explosive mixtures are built into a housing. If the mixture inside the enclosure explodes, the latter withstands the prescribed test pressure and prevents a transfer of the explosion to the mixtures surrounding the enclosure. The brake is equipped with four thermal switches and one micro switch. The microswitch prevents starting against the unreleased brake. The thermal switches are connected in series with the microswitch and break the machine’s control circuit as soon as there is an unacceptably high temperature at the brake. The brake is seawater resistant. Electromagnetic spring-applied brakes build up braking torque when the power is switched off. Using the attached hand lift function, the braking effect can be neutralized manually.

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