Slim Line – flat design with forced locking.

Slim Line – flat design with forced locking and mounting in any position.

The Slim Line includes spring-applied single-disc brakes for brake discs mounted non-positively on the axles to be decelerated. The brake disk, which is permanently connected to the axle, can be designed as a motor fan. Thanks to the single-disc brake design, SLIM LINE brakes are particularly flat. Based on the working principle, residue-free lifting is achieved. Electromagnetically operated spring-applied brakes build up braking torque when the power is switched off.

Operating principle
The spring-applied one-way brake is designed to operate dry. The force generated by an electromagnetic field is used to overcome the braking effect generated by the spring force. The single surface spring-applied brake engages in the non-motorized state and releases when DC voltage is applied to the field coil. The force-locked friction connection between the fan (acting as a friction element) and the machine shaft (e.g. motor shaft) ensures that the torque generated by the spring-applied brake (brake torque) is reliably transmitted to the machine (motor).

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