Cables and Wires for the steel industry

Cables for the steel industry.
Today, the production industry cannot do without steel materials. Can be used for multi-storey buildings, bridges or cars, products made of steel are highly responsible for the stability and flexibility of such structures.

For the different production steps in smelters and rolling mills, special cables are used for optimal energy supply and data transmission. Cable chain cables drive conveyor belts for iron ore, coal and waste products. At the blast furnaces and between the different rollers, special temperature-resistant cables are indispensable.

An accurate and reliable temperature measurement is equally important throughout the production process. The various thermocouples mounted on the different points of the casting tools transmit measurement data via specially covered cables to a control station that monitors the production process. SAB BR√ĖCKSKES offers a wide range of cables and products for temperature measurement technology. Feel free to contact us. We also find the right connection for your high temperature application.

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