Silicone Cables

Silicone cables (Besilen®) are characterized by their high temperature resistance up to +250°C combined with permanent flexibility. Due to the cross-linked molecular structure, silicone cables remain in their original shape even when exposed to temperature.

Silicone cables are halogen-free, silicon-based cables that can be used to maintain function in a fire. For example, heat-resistant silicone cables are used. in metallurgical installations in steelworks and rolling mills, for internal wiring of lamps or in the processing of glass and ceramics.

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    Questions & Answers

    • What is Besilen®?

      Besilen® – Elastomer on silicone base
      Besilen® is a registered trademark of SAB Bröckskes GmbH & Co KG. It is a specially developed silicone rubber-based material with good electrical properties and heat resistance. In addition to our standard Besilen® range, we also manufacture specialty products that meet requirements such as:

      Types of silicone cables:

      – notch resistance for better mechanical strength
      – higher temperature resistance + 250 °C
      – Besilen® – mixture compatible for the food industry
      – conductive Besilen® for antistatic conductance

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