Light tower with carbon dioxide sensor from WERMA

The WERMA CO‚āā light measures the current carbon dioxide concentration in the ambient air and the result is clearly displayed by the three LED lights. The light tower is suitable for many purposes such as: classroom, office, waiting room, etc.

The light tower is easily connected with a plug for a wall socket (230V).

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    Questions & Answers

    • How often is the CO2 concentration in room air measured?

      The CO2 concentration is measured every 4 seconds.

    • On which side and at what height should the CO2 traffic light be mounted?

      The CO2 traffic light should not be installed higher than 2 m above the floor and not directly next to the window. In addition, the CO2 traffic light should not be exposed to direct airflow.

    • Can the unit be switched on for 24 hours in continuous operation or can it be switched on again each time the room is used?

      The CO2 traffic light is suitable for both applications. If it is only switched on when the room is in use, a longer service life can be assumed.
      Nevertheless, the CO2 traffic light can also be disconnected from the power supply if necessary (e.g. in the evening). The warm-up phase (3 min, green LED flashes) starts when the system is put back into operation and the power supply is restored.

    • How many square meters does a CO2 traffic light cover?

      Because CO2 spreads quite homogeneously in a room, a CO2 traffic light is generally sufficient for rooms of 80 to 100 square meters. For rooms as large as a sports hall, two to four CO2 traffic lights should be installed. An additional parameter is also the room layout, so no general statement can be made about the number of CO2 traffic lights to be used.

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