Micro switch series S870, S970

Microswitches for safety-related applications from technology leader Schaltbau.

Microswitches are available with double-break contacts and positive opening, ensuring safe opening of the NC contacts even if a weld occurs during a short circuit or overcurrent. Breaks up to 16A, mechanical life up to 10M cycles, IP67 solutions, shock and vibration resistant, self-cleaning. Example of temperature range -55°C to +150°C.

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    Questions & Answers

    • How does Positive Opening work in a micro switch?

      Watch this video explaining it


    • What do NO and NC mean?

      NO = Normally Open, NC = Normally Closed. This describes the state of a contactor when the voltage in the system is off. Normally open (NO) is mostly used in electrical systems where, for safety reasons, you want to be sure that the contactor opens when the power is cut in the system in case of a power failure. Normally Closed (NC) is often used when you want to be sure that the contactor closes a circuit in the event of a voltage drop, such as a power failure. to drain the system of energy to earth.

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    • What is meant by SPST and SPDT?

      SPST stands for “single-pole single-throw” and SPDT stands for “single-pole double-throw.” These abbreviations are often used for electrical switches, relays and microswitches.

      Relays are classified by number of poles and number of throws. The “poles” of a micro switch, for example, are the terminals common to each path the current can take. Any position where a ‘pole’ can be connected is called a ‘throw’. The relays are also set as NO or NC. Read more here about what NO and NC means.

      SPST is the most common form and has a ‘pole’ and a ‘throw’. Like a regular light switch at home. It is illustrated as follows:

      The SPDT has a double throw and is illustrated as follows:

      SPDT is good as a feedback signal as you can get both normal mode and mirrored mode from e.g.. a high voltage contactor. This always shows if the circuit is complete and the position of the main contactor when one pole is NO and the other NC. Both cannot be activated at the same time but follow the “break before make” concept.

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      Schaltbau’s micro switch:

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