Sensor purification solution

Electromagnetic 3/2-way valves for ADAS
The electromagnetic 3/2-way valves are suitable for a range of applications, including battery cooling, distribution of compressed air in air suspension systems or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Parking, lane keeping, overtaking, adaptive cruise control.

Optical sensors and cameras play a crucial role in these systems, allowing a vehicle to sense the surrounding environment while on the move. But if these sensors or cameras are obscured by (for example) snow, rain, dust, insects or bird droppings, their readings become unreliable.

Our electromagnetic 3/2 way valves help keep LiDAR, sensors, cameras, windscreens and lights clean and reliable. The valves distribute cleaning media to the nozzle of the cleaning system with the right pressure and flow. Liquid use is efficient, while keeping water consumption to a minimum.

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