Inclinometer tilt sensor NBN

Detection of gravitational field inclination using Micro-Electro-Mechanical-System (MEMS) sensors with subsequent digitization and linearization via a controller. The data output is performed via the CANopen interface or as an analog signal. The tilt sensor has a robust aluminum housing (optional stainless steel). Slots are provided for mechanical adjustment (up to about ± 7.5°). In the case of CANopen, a plug or a male/female connection combination can be optionally selected for connection purposes. Casting measures in the house lead to the achievement of protection class IP 69K, e.g. for underwater use. MEMS sensors are integrated circuits manufactured using silicon micromechanical technology. These micromechanical structures are used to form dual capacities. If these structures are deflected during acceleration, e.g.. gravitational acceleration (g), this results in capacity changes, which are recorded and further processed by measurement techniques. Due to the difference capacity dependence described here, the output voltage follows the function U ∝ g * sin α. In this case, the angle a is the tilt angle of the sensor measured against the g-vector. These sensors measure accurately, have a long lifespan and are very robust. The measurement axes work independently of each other.

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