Linear sensors MSD

Magnetostrictive displacement transducer MSD The displacement transducers work on the principle of measuring travel between two points in a magnetostrictive waveguide. A point is determined by a moving position magnet, whose distance from the zero point corresponds to the section to be measured. The operating time of a transmitted pulse is directly proportional to this section. Conversion to a digital measurement signal takes place in the downstream electronics. The waveguide is housed in a pressure-resistant stainless steel tube or an extruded profile. On the back of this is a cast aluminum housing that contains the electronics in SMD technology. In the rod version, the positioning magnet is placed in a ring that is guided over the rod without contact. In the profile version it is located either in a slider, which is connected to the moving part of the machine via a ball coupling, or it moves as a liftable positioning magnet, without wear, over the profile.

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