7 April 2020

Superpack Lithium batteries with integrated BMS and safety switch

To simplify the installation of 12 and 24V battery systems, Victron Energy has now developed the Lithium SuperPack series.

Unlike many other lithium batteries, which require peripheral components to monitor and secure the application, the Lithium SuperPack batteries have both a battery monitoring system (BMS) and a safety switch built in. The internal switch automatically disconnects the battery in case of overload, overcharge or high temperature.

The Lithium SuperPack is available for 12.8V from 20-200 Ah and for 25.6V as a 50 Ah battery. Parallel connection of the batteries is possible for larger battery banks. but not in series. Otherwise, the batteries have all the positive characteristics such as long life, low weight, compact size, high energy density and superior energy efficiency.

For more information on Lithium Superpack and other battery types see link. Alternatively, contact our staff member Anders Blomqvist directly.