10 January 2022

The CO2 light is a big hit in the classroom!

In fall 2021, the Futuraskolan Rådan in Sollentuna tested the CO₂ light tower from WERMA. The light tower measures carbon dioxide levels in the classroom and indicates when a room needs to be ventilated. Representatives from the teaching community have seen that the CO₂ light towers have a very positive effect on students’ focus while becoming a tool for teachers.

It has been a great experience for the students. They look at the tower during class time, I comment on the green space and that it means we have the opportunity to be productive and focus more. It feels like students are more positive during the lesson because of that. After the first few days and changing the color during some lessons, they pay much more attention to their assigned activities. I would like to keep it in my classroom because I think it has improved their focus and how they function in the classroom. Quite surprising to see, a very interesting experience. Agnieszka Sawczuk, primary school teacher at Futuraskolan International Rådan.

It is a great visual tool that helps students better understand the abstract connection between learning and the classroom environment. Students were motivated to work and focused when the light was green and aware of what to do if they saw a change in color; open a window, ask for a brain break and so on..
Niki Christofi, primary school teacher at Futuraskolan International Rådan.