What is the trend with the balancing market and ancillary services?


The balance sheet market is developing and growing
Svenska kraftnät is working actively to develop new market solutions for the procurement of the services needed for robust operation of the power system, so that they can be as cost-effective as possible.
The changes also mean that new types of technology and more plants than before are given the opportunity to become suppliers of support services, which both gives companies the opportunity to increase their profitability and to contribute to a continued high level of security of supply in our electricity system.
The need for support services is increasing
The power system is undergoing a rapid and extensive transformation. The new electricity generation technologies have different capabilities than the old ones and therefore do not make the same contribution to the stability of the power system as before, leading to the need for new ancillary services.
The transition to an increased share of renewable electricity generation that is weather dependent will increase the need for balancing support services.
The introduction of the EU’s common internal market for electricity also imposes new requirements on how balancing takes place and how balancing markets should be designed.
In practice, this leads to the development of both new support services and new markets for support services.
Svenska kraftnät wants to increase the number of suppliers
Making ancillary services markets available for new technologies is an important step in ensuring sufficient resources for balancing the power system and maintaining operational security effectively in the future.
Svenska kraftnät is therefore working to make it easier for new technologies to enter the markets. Increasing the number of suppliers is both a question of ensuring that sufficient flexibility can be offered for the overall need and of creating sufficient competition.

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